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I forgot about Daredevil Bingo until today (Jan 2nd, 2017) and since apparently the post with my card got eaten, I had to dig though the comments on the signup page into order to find it. That's ok, because I reliazed one of my recent stories could be the wildcard.Like a lot of shit happened that caused me to foget about Daredevil Bingo- broke my ankle, started my senior of high school, had to apply to college, my boyfriend got a job, i stopped taking my anxiety meds because they didn't work anymore, etc.But I'm here now. :)

All links are for Ao3, as some stories I write just aren't suitable for fanfiction's pickiness, so I don't post them all on there.

AU: everyone is an animalholidaysI'm with you till the endAU: noirI never slept better
Hostess Fruit Piesfight scenevillian of your choiceoverstimulationbirthdays
heartbeatsfistingWILD ★ CARDteasingdirty talk
meditationsize kinkAU: con artistsoffice sexMaverick and Goose
main eventanal sexdevil in disguiseAU: bounty-huntersstand-up guy

Wildcard (baptism- they had Father Lantom baptise the baby before she died)- Cats In The Cradle- Matt/OFC super angst, part of my series 'Hanging By A Moment', based on a roleplay with a dear friend of mine. (tw: child loss, some blood)

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Just got my card for Daredevil Bingo! Yay!

AU: everyone is an animal holidays I'm with you till the end AU: noir I never slept better
Hostess Fruit Pies fight scene villian of your choice overstimulation birthdays
heartbeats fisting WILD

teasing dirty talk
meditation size kink AU: con artists office sex Maverick and Goose
main event anal sex devil in disguise AU: bounty-hunters stand-up guy


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